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Leverage On Technology Assisted Stock Hacking To Propel Your Value Investing Profits In Singapore.

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Get Ready To Blow Your Mind In Our  Free Technology Assisted Stock Hacking Workshop

Our Value Investing bootcamp students learnt the 3R value investing concepts and leverage on this revolutionary system to model the success of famous value investors such as Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch and Templeton.  Let technology propels your investing profits and have more free time for yourself..

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Ok. Here are some uncovered system screenshots you probably have never seen before.

Find Star Chart of A Stock

star chart of a stock

Examine 13 Investment Risks With A Summary of Ratings

examine investment risks

     Stock Screener Singapore       

stock screener singapore

Find Intrinsic Value of Stock

find intrinsic value of stock

 Stock Watchlist     


      stock watchlist singapore     

Retirement Calculator

 retirement calculator singapore


Are You Ready To Be Transformed From A Novice to A Savvy Value Investor?

If so, invest Your Time In 3 Days Intensive Value Investing bootcamp cover? 

Our 3 Days Value Investing Bootcamp is not the end but this is just the beginning. We support continual learning!

tech assisted stock hacking workshop

And Our Value Investing Workshop creates tremendous value and fun in Singapore!

Many Had Graduated From Our Value Investing Bootcamps.  When Is Yours Next? 

value investing college course

value investing college

value investing bootcamp singapore

You must be wondering why our value investing program is so popular in Singapore and across Asia. 

This is because Technology Assisted Stock Hacking Solution works! See the extensive coverage in various media.

value investing workshop singapore media

value investing bootcamp testimonial 2

technology assisted stock hacking workshop testimonial

"With the entire process done using this smart investing tool, I achieved a 23% return on a stock pick within 2 months.
It is able to cut short my research timing."

Jerald Lie, Entrepreneur And Educator

value investing workshop testimonial

tash workshop testimonial

"I've been using it for the last 5 months and I can't invest without this platform now....Why it is so powerful?
For example, it helps to screen out companies using technical analysis and information that retail investors otherwise would not know or use"

Eujin Thong, Retail Investor and Financial Trainer
value investing bootcamp testimonial 2

value investing options strategy 5   

  "With TASH and Value investing, my family now enjoys a 4 figure passive income
to safeguard our financial future. Definitely attainable if you take action."

    Pebs Lee, Electrical and Software Engineer

value investing bootcamp testimonial 4

tech assisted stock hacking bootcamp

"Being a fresh graduate with no investing experience, by following a logical and time tested approach taught, i grew my capital to be a sizeable portfolio that creates a 4 figures return every month"

Thom Wu, NTU Graduate and Value Investor

value investing bootcamp testimonial 5

tech assisted stock hacking bootcamp testimonial

"I remembered telling myself, "Hey, if I want to put serious money into the market, I better know what I'm doing!". I've learnt the important concept of "How much to pay for a share". With the support from the community and learning the 3R concept in depth, I no longer have to worry about my income and retirement."

Vincent Yap Ex-senior Manager in O&G

value investing bootcamp testimonial 5

Actually Our Value Investing College Bootcamp Fever Is Spreading Wildly Across Asia.

More than 10,000 students across Asia countries have been benefitted from our Value Investing Program and Technology Assisted Stock Hacking Platform.  This achievement can never be so successful without our hardworking master trainers and committed graduates.

 value investing asia

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Free Value Investing Workshop Package 

For limited period only, we will be giving you a value worth S$349 for a half day value investing workshop ticket and a free hardcopy book called Value Investing For Beginners for free. Simply like our facebook and sign up now !!! 

Remember to collect your 1 free hardcopy book during the workshop itself. Come Early. While stocks last.

value investing for beginners

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Are You Not Having Enough Cheese Today?

If so, it is the time for you to take quick actions and join us in our smart value investing journey. We really mean it!

Warren Buffett learnt his value investing skills from Prof. Benjamin Graham at Colombia Business School USA.

 Will You be also spending over 10K in USA or just sign up our free Value Investing Seminar Singapore to learn more?

The Choice Can Be Obvious And Yours.

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